Seminar on “Best Practices on the Effective Engagement of Children During Library Sessions / Periods: Role of Teachers, Students, Parents and Librarians”


Shishuvan celebrates Librarians Day in honour of great Indian Librarian Padmashree Prof.Dr S.R.Ranganathans’ 126th Birth Anniversary, by hosting a

Seminar on ““Best Practices on the Effective Engagement of Children During Library Sessions / Periods: Role of Teachers, Students, Parents and Librarians”.

on 13th August 2018 (forenoon 9.00 am to 12.30 pm).

Event Highlights

  • Effective, Inclusive and Professional Engagement of Children during Library Periods / Sessions is a pleasure and challenge for Children / School Librarians and Teacher Librarians all over the globe. It is generally observed that Librarians engage children in :
  1. Issue and return of books,
  2. Facilitating Reading / Guided Reading,
  3. Storytelling, Book talks, Author Interactions, Book Reviews, Book and Library Related Games etc.

There seems to prevail a huge difference and substantial variations in terms of Number of library hours in a week, Duration of the period / Session, Number of things/activities carried out in the period etc. This Seminar addresses such issues.

  • Jyothi Bhabal, Assistant Professor, SNDT University Mumbai will address the gathering as a Keynote Speaker. Practicing School Librarians / Resource Persons Ms Bindu Menda, Ms Sanjukta Sikder, and Ms Khushbu Dantre will share their ideas on Effective Engagement of Children during Library Sessions/Periods.
  • Discussion / Question Answers.


It would be a unique occasion for all Students, Teachers, Parents and Librarians to participate in the event to get to know the nuances of effective engagement of children to boost and achieve excellence in the process of learning and teaching. It would indeed be interesting to have differing ideas on how the Library Period is handled differently by different librarians who enjoy and struggle hard to come up to the ever-increasing information expectations of children.

Shishuvan family extends a warm welcome to you.

Who should participate?

Students, Teachers, Parents, Librarians and any others who have genuine interest in School Education, School Libraries, books and reading. No Participation fee. Maximum intake: 35 persons. Participation by online registration on first come first serve basis. Register yourself online at :

Those who have already confirmed their participation also need to fill this form.


Ms Prachi Ranadive, Principal, Shishuvan English Medium School, 426, Shraddhanand Road, Kings Circle, Matunga, Mumbai – 400019

For information and clarifications please contact : Rajashekhar S Devarai, Chief Librarian and Ms Shraddha Tiwarekar, Asst Librarian. ; ;  ; Tel : 022-24044063/64 : Mob: 7738071618 : 9969946792


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