Reading work workshop at Universal school Tardeo, Mumbai

Universal school Tardeo Mumbai organised a wonderful workshop on “Reading Works” on 29/1/2019 which was attended by Librarians and English teachers.   Ms. Armin Aretha (Librarian in Barley California Public library USA ) conducted this Reading work workshop  at Universal school Tardeo, Mumbai. She has been with the Berkeley Public Library in California, USA since  2003. Her being reviewer for the Kirkus Magazine makes her the most sought resource person. She initiated her workshop with an introduction to childrens literature and  on her current activities and interests on HOW TO GET KIDS TO READ.

She talked at length about the ways and means of encouraging children on Reading by focussing on their interests. Her deliberations could be summarised as follows :

  1. Read Aloud : We should encourage our children to Read Aloud.
  2. Highlights : We should highlight each and every material in the library.
  • Library Visit : Kids should be encouraged to visit libraries and librarians are to creating a welcoming climate.
  1. Book club: Children should be encouraged to form Book Clubs which could operate on Saturdays. This helps kids to develop an interest in Reading and Reading Habit.
  2. Discuss : We should discuss with kids about books
  3. Award winning Books : Encourage Children to read award winning books.
  • Encourage users : Encourage users to bye books and read and to visit Library often.
  • Performer Presentation
  1. Summer Program : We have to arrange trips for Book Shopping, Library Visits etc.
  2. Story Building : We need to help students in their efforts to build Stories.
  3. Express : Help students for their expressions / Storytelling.
  • Opportunity / Choice : Provide children opportunity to select books from many. Students should have freedom to select books of their choice for their Reading.
  • Distribute Shelves to students: We should distribute book shelves   to all Reading Club students/members. Students would arrange their shelves and keep checking which books get missed from their shelves.
  • Everyday Reading : Have a practice of Reading for 10 to 15 minutes per day in the mornings.
  • Recommendations : We should encourage kids to select and recommend books for Library.
  • Story time: A Story Time needs to be fixed up for students on a regular basis.

I was fortunate enough to attend this useful and informative workshop. I wish school librarians attend such workshops and Seminars on a regular basis. At the end of the workshop students of Universal School briefed on how they have been into creating books on their own. I take this opportunity to thank Universal
School for arranging such a wonderful workshop on READING WORKS. It also gave me a chance to interact with school librarians and teachers.

Report: Poonam D.  Singh, Librarian, Podar International School (CBSE), Nerul, Mumbai



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