International Literacy Day @ Woodstock School Library

Handwriting – one of mankind’s greatest inventions – has quite literally written the future by allowing us to pass on ideas from one generation to the next. Today it’s hard to imagine how society could have advanced without it.

On paper it doesn’t sound as if writing has come all that far from its primitive beginnings, but the tools we have used have changed considerably and today’s high-tech tablets are completely different to the stone slabs of the ancient world.


In 2018-19, Woodstock School Library took up a lead role in celebrating and creating sustainable reading and learning environment for whole school community. An unbelievable transformation took place, on ‘International Literacy Day’ when an educational exhibition on ‘From Tablet to Tablet: story of handwriting; 8000 BC to 2015’ was organized in the library premises!

3 days exhibition starting from 9th September’19, attracted cohorts of students, visitors and teachers leaving worth reading comments in the visitor’s Book. The exhibits which amazed the audience included replicas of ancient Mesopotamian, Sumerian and Egyptian clay tablets which were sculptured by the Library staff. Highest levels of interaction and engagement resonated in the library when students were writing with ancient or very old writing tools such as typewriter, Fountain Pen, Slate, Takhti, Quill Pen, Reed Pen and Clay to write like a ‘Scribe’ of Mesopotamia. Students were witnessed engrossed and engaged with the writing tools. History teacher linked the exhibition visit with the summative of World War II. Journalism club interviewed the Library staff to publish the objectives and learning outcomes of the exhibition. Overall many segments of the school community connected themselves with International Literacy Day Exhibition whereas the Woodstock Library began its first endeavor of ‘Community outreach’ initiative with the Village School children who visited the exhibition and immersed themselves in our school culture.

Report by Madhu Bhargava, Head Librarian, Woodstock School Library

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