SLAISCOOP Isuue 3: Call for contributions

SLAISCOOP is a monthly e-newsletter and the mouthpiece of School Library Association (India). The Newsletter serves as a platform to share professional news, views and expert write-ups.

SLAISCOOP calls for papers and contributions from practicing school librarians and school library advocates from different backgrounds.

The Theme for this issue of Newsletter shall revolve around school Libraries and librarians in the COVID-19 Pandemic scene.

Sub Topics:

1.School libraries then and now.

2. Building up a library far from library during lock-down.

3.Use of online library tools: advantages and disadvantages.

4. How to overcome the network and technical issues during this pandemic scene.

5. Digital and e-libraries a boon or curse .

6. Now and next the future of libraries .

7. Virtual school Libraries and it’s importance in today’s context.
Your Topic / Write-up could be any of the following:
1. SLA India: Plans, Programs and Activities.
2. News on Activities, Trends and Development on Children/
School Libraries , Children’s Literature field at the national/international level.
3. Letters to Editor. Word Limit: 150 words
4. Reports on the professional status of Children’s Librarianship, Children’s / School Librarians, Teacher-Librarians, School Media Specialists. Word Limit: 200 words
5. Short articles / papers / essays. Word Limit: 500 words
6. News on Appointments, Promotions, Superannuation / Retirement, Anniversaries, obituaries. Word Limit: 100 words per entry.
7. Reviews / Highlights of Children’s / School Library Projects and Research Articles. Word Limit: 200 words
8. Requests for guidance, assistance, help, collaboration, etc. Word Limit: 100 words
9. Report on your Participation in Seminars / Workshop / Training. Word Limit: 500 words.
10. Report on your Travel plans and dates of visits/events. Word Limit: 100 words
11.Recognition, Honours, Prizes and Awards. Word Limit: 200 words
12.Your Publications (books, articles, papers, and reports) published during the current or last quarter.
The Last date for submission is 16.06.2020. Any write-up received after the last day may be preserved and considered for future newsletter.

Additional Information
i. Responsibility / Accountability: Contributors are directly and wholly responsible for the contents included in the Newsletter. SLA India Executives or the Editors of the Newsletter are neither responsible nor accountable for the contents or the
consequences/repercussions. The views and opinions expressed in the Newsletter don’t necessarily reflect the standpoint and opinion of SLA India or editors of the newsletter.
ii. Contribution/content/ write up should be your own.
iii. Language: English. Translations of important news items from regional/local/ state languages could be considered with due acknowledgment/permissions/copyright.
iv. Digital images should be saved in no less than 150dpi in JPEG or PNG formats. Email submissions should be as an attached Word document, not in the body of the message. Copy that is submitted as printed material that includes graphics should be accompanied by original photographs.
v. If you are submitting an abstract or summary of your write up/content, you may give link (blog, website, webpage etc) to the detailed entry.
vi. Maximum of 2 Photos and or Illustrations/drawings per entry.
ix. The Editor shall have the right to accept or reject news/news items/reports which have been submitted. The editors reserve the right to extend/summarise/ highlight the news item submitted.
x. The information published in the newsletter becomes the property of SLA India. The information submitted for publication should not be submitted for publication elsewhere.
xi. SLA India has no provision for payments towards news reports or information submitted.

You may send your contribution to

We look forward for your valuable contribution.

Sincerely yours,
SLAIndia Publication Team

(Contact Ms Neena Gireesh for any further details: 8700196569)


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