‘My Lockdown Diary: Recording Life during a Pandemic’ – SLA announces National Online Digital Journal Competition to celebrate P. N. Panicker National Reading/Digital Reading Month 2020

School Library Association (SLA India) celebrates P. N. Panicker National Reading/ Digital Reading Month from 19 June – 18 July 2020 with a variety of events and activities. In connection with the same, SLA India is happy to announce a National level online competition for school students aimed at developing their imagination, creativity and resilience during the challenging times of the prevailing pandemic.


My Lockdown Diary: Recording Life during a Pandemic

What to Do:

The participants have to record an account of their daily life (including the period under lockdown) during the COVID-19 pandemic in the form of a Digital Diary. They may express their ideas, imagination or experiences in the form of any one or multiple creative formats including text (daily diary entries, stories, poems, notes, write-ups, travelogues) accompanied by photographs/pictures/drawings or videos.

Tool: Google Digital Journal https://sites.google.com/mpsaz.org/slideprojects/digital-journal 

Writing Journal with Photo Prompts

Writing Journal with Blank Prompts

(Students may go through the examples of Digital Journals given on the above webpages.)

Maximum Number of pages in the Journal: 8-10 

Text on each page: Word limit for textual content on each page is 100-200. 

Font size (Headings): 34-46; Font size (body text): 14

Number of images/videos on each page: Only one image/video on each page is allowed. The image/video must be original and shot/recorded by the participant.


  1. Include your full name, Class, School Name & Address in the first page of the journal. 
  2. Participants must cite the source of information (if copied) and  give a self declaration at the time of submission of entries regarding the originality of contents.

How to submit the journal: After creation, share the Digital Journal with your Librarian  at his/her email id.

Who can participate: 

Students of the schools where the Librarian is an SLA India Member can participate in the competition. 

There will be five categories of participants

Category I: Class 1

Category II: Class 2

Category III: Classes 3-5

Category IV: Classes 6-8

Category V: Classes 9-12

Registration Fee: No registration fee.

How to participate: Register online at https://forms.gle/GWZWk9UAxmStMaXU7

Last date for registration: 26 June 2020

Last date for submission of entries: 10 July 2020


Level 1 (School): One best entry will be selected from each category (total five entries from a school) by a Selection Committee formed at school level. The selected entries shall be send to SLAIndia at slaindia.events@gmail.com 

Level 2 (National): The entries received at national level will be evaluated by an independent jury of experts. 


There will be one winner from each category at national level. The winners will be presented with mementos and e-merit certificates. 

All prize winning and other selected entries will be published on SLAIndia website and other connected digital platforms. The selected entries may also be used as reading promotional materials. A consent from the participant is sought while registration.


Ms Titiksha Goswami: Mob: 9910248418; E-mail: titikshaghy@gmail.com


Category I & II (Classes 1 & 2)

  1.  Ms Mamta Maggu
  2.  Ms Jyothi P. V.

Category III (Classes 3-5)

  1.  Ms Rohini Sharma
  2.  Ms Anitha P. G.

Category IV & V (Classes 6-8 & 9-12)

  1.  Mr Suraj R.
  2.  Mr Mohammed Shafi

Keep visiting www.slaindia.org for live competition updates.


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