SLA launches Guest Membership Programme

School Library Association (India) launched the SLA Guest Membership Programme on 12 August 2020, the National Librarian’s Day.


The SLA Guest Membership Programme aims to help School Library professionals, LIS Teachers, LIS Students, and anyone who would like to be a member of School Library Association, by providing them a limited period access to selected SLA membership benefits.

How to enrol?

Interested persons can enrol for the programme by submitting an online application.

Programme Duration

15 August 2020 to 15 December 2020.

The Guest Membership of an approved candidate will automatically cease on 15 December 2020 (12.00 Midnight IST).

To avail further benefits he/she must apply formally for a Personal Membership in SLA. At any time, during the Programme period, a Guest Member can became a Personal member by submitting the online form and paying the annual membership fee of the Association and in that case, his/her Guest Membership will automatically cancelled.

Registration Fee

The Guest Membership is free. There is no membership fee.


  • Access to SLA website
  • Access to all SLA publications
  • Membership in the SLA GM WhatsApp Group
  • Access to SLA Webinars, Workshops, Conferences, etc
  • Any time support from SLA Helpline


Enrolling as a Guest Member in SLA doesn’t make one to claim the normal membership and attached benefits.


For any queries related to the Programme, contact

Ms Ishrat Parveen, PRO & Coordinator, SLA Membership Team



How did you know about the SLA Guest Membership Programme?

I have read and understood about the SLA Guest Membership Programme, its objectives, period of validity and benefits. I hereby accept the terms and conditions of the programme and pledge to honour it without any concern.

Note: Your Guest Membership will be approved only after verifying the details you have submitted.

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