Special Offer for SLA Guest Members to become Personal Members

School Library Association (India) launched the SLA Guest Membership Programme on 12 August 2020, the National Librarian’s Day. The Programme aims to help School Library professionals, LIS Teachers, LIS Students, and anyone who would like to be a member of School Library Association, by providing them a limited period access to selected SLA membership benefits.

The Guest membership programme period will end on December 15, 2020.

The Governing Body meeting held on November 1, 2020 decided to provide an offer to all existing Guest Members to help them to easily convert their Guest membership into regular Personal Memberships.

As per the offer, if you are an existing Guest Member and if you submit the application and the prescribed annual fee now for a Personal Membership, your Guest membership will continue till March 31, 2020 without any break and your Personal membership term will only be credited from April 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022.

To become a Personal Member of the Association, click here

Use the Promotion code send to you by email while filling the online application form.

For any queries, you may contact:

Ms Ishrat Parveen, Public Relations Officer, SLA-India

E-mail: membership.slaindia@gmail.com

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