SLA launches ‘Professional Learning Circle’ (SLA-PLC)

SLA-Professional Learning Circle (PLC) aims at developing and maintaining an informal platform which facilitates continuous professional development of SLA members through mutual sharing of knowledge and peer learning.

The objective of SLA-PLC is to provide a dynamic informal platform for SLA members for peer learning through seamless sharing and exchange of knowledge and ideas that support continuous professional development.

How does it work?

  • SLA-PLC provides an online platform to every SLA member who is interested to share his/her knowledge and skills.
  • SLA-PLC Team will decide the usability, relevance and future prospects of each topic suggested by SLA members and decide accordingly. Periodic need assessment surveys will be carried out to understand the learning requirements of SLA members.
  • SLA-PLC team will identify facilitators from among the members who are ready to conduct sessions on suggested topics.
  • Interested members may contact the Team directly and decide the sessions.


  1. Mr Mohammed Shafi
  2. Mr Waseem Raja
  3. Ms Savita Dhankhar

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