Dear SLA community,

We are pleased to call for nominations for Governing Body vacant positions for 2018-2023 (remaining 2 years). Think about people you would like to nominate for the positions or consider nominating yourself.

This is your chance to take up a leadership role in a professional association which will give you immense exposure and in gaining skills which will add value to your own personal portfolio.

Please go through details below for your reference: 

  • Number of nominations: Four
  • Portfolios: To be allocated later
  • Time of board membership: Remaining 2 years (2018-2023)
  • Nominations closure: 20th June, 2021

Criteria for nominees: Have an interest in promoting the SLA vision and mission; Be able to fulfil role and responsibilities as spelled out in association memorandum; (available on SLA website) Be a member of SLA from two years and current year at the time of nomination; Demonstrate effective leadership in local or national/international associations or institutions in his/her state/country; Willing to attend SLA face to face/online meetings, conferences on self-expense. Be willing to provide a biographical sketch and position statement which may be used for information and election purposes.

Additional: The nominator’s and the seconder’s fee must be current. 

Nomination Form Link

From the office of General Secretary SLA-India