Entitlements of SLA Membership

  1. A Personal member has voting privilege on all matters of substance at the Annual General Body Meeting or by mail ballot and may stand for the office, serve on Sub-Committees and participate in Special Interest Groups.
  2. Any person intending to become a member shall apply in the prescribed form.
  3. Admission shall be subject to approval by the Governing Body.
  4. The subscription shall be for the period from the 1st April of any year to 31st March of the subsequent year, irrespective of the date of admission of a member.
  5. Association and Institution members have one vote each at the Annual General Body Meeting. The member belonging to this category shall not be entitled to contest for the office. The name of the official representative/main contact and up to two other contacts may be provided in the membership application. All representatives receive all benefits.
  6. Each Student member and retired member have one vote each at the Annual General Body Meetings; and is not entitled to stand for election for the office.
  7. Each Honorary member may attend the Annual General Body Meetings but doesn’t have the vote; and is not entitled to stand for election for the office.
  8. All members shall be entitled to get a soft copy of the Newsletter and online access to the journal of the Association free of cost.
  9. All members shall be entitled to get other publications of the Association and pay the registration fee for the programmes at a concessional rate to be determined from time to time by the Governing Body.
  10. All members shall have access to the ‘members only’ section of the official website of the Association, including access to reports, minutes of meetings, selected articles and papers published by and on behalf of the Association.
  11. All members are entitled to join and participate in the email and social media forums/groups/channels managed by the Association.
  12. A right, privilege, or obligation for any class of Membership is not capable of being transferred or transmitted to another person or body corporate; and terminates on cessation / Termination of the Membership.