Mission: To serve as a national platform and voice to empower, unite and enrich Indian school library professionals as ambassadors of knowledge society.

Vision: To support, develop, advocate and promote school library systems and to facilitate, upgrade and empower professional development of school librarians in collaboration with all stakeholders.

Aims & Objectives

  1. To advocate the development of school libraries throughout India.
  2. To promote an understanding of the aims, needs and educational significance of school library resources, services and teacher librarianship.
  3. To work for the integration of school library programs into the instructional and curriculum development of the school.
  4. To be a national authority in the field of school library resources, services and librarianship.
  5. To promote mutual cooperation and assistance among school librarians in connection with children and youth.
  6. To promote research in the field of school or teacher librarianship and act as a center of research and studies in school librarianship and documentation techniques.
  7. To support the eminence of Library and Information Services, publication and dissemination of information about successful advocacy and program initiatives in school librarianship.
  8. To promote the professional development for improvement in technical efficiency of school library professionals nationwide.
  9. To promote all forms of literacy including Information Literacy (skills and abilities in research, comprehension and dissemination) among Indian youth through formal school system.
  10. To share information about programs throughout the international community.
  11. To commence and coordinate activities, conferences and other projects in the field of school librarianship and information services.
  12. To foster and maintain awareness of Government bodies of the needs and educational significance of school library resources, services and to advise those bodies on all matters concerning school library resources, services and teacher librarianship.
  13. To co-operate and mediate with other Associations and Bodies at regional, national, and international level with similar aims and fields of interest.

Membership: Membership is nationwide, and includes school librarians, teachers, librarians, library advisers, consultants, educational administrators, and others who are responsible for library and information services in schools. The membership also includes professors and instructors in universities and colleges in India where there are programmes for school librarians, and students who are undertaking such programmes.

Registration: School Library Association (India) is registered on 26 June 2018 in Delhi under the Societies Registration Act 1860 with the Registration No. 319/2018.

Affiliation: School Library Association (India) is an Association Affiliate of International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA).