SLAI Soop (SLAIndia Newsletter) Vol 2, Issue 1, January-March, 2020

SLAI Scoop (SLAIndia Newsletter) Vol.1 Issue 1 Oct. 2019

Call for contributions Vol. 2, Issue No. 3: Last date 10 September 2020

SLA India Newsletter Policies and Guidelines

For Authors/Contributors :

SLA India Newsletter welcomes the content from all around the globe. Before to submit the content to SLA India Newsletter, please read the following guidelines:

What can be published:

  1. National and International School Libraries news.
  2. Any National or International news on activities, trends and development on Children’s/School Library, Children’s Literature, and related field etc.
  3. Intimation about upcoming

Conferences/Fairs/Talk/Shows/Webinars//Webinars/Discussions/Panel Discussions and any other related Events.

  1. Information about the release of any book or reports or any government rules or regulations.
  2. News of people or related organisations
  3. New technical initiatives and developments in the School Library and Librarianship.
  4. Any other related topic to school library activity or services.

Guidelines for the Authors/Contributors:

  1. Personal Details of Authors and Contributors: Author/Contributor should include
  • Their name along with designation,
  • Name, address, and e-mail address of the School or the Organisation.
  1. Language: Content should be written in the English Language Only. Translations from the regional language of important news items from regional/local/ state languages could be considered with due acknowledgement /permissions/copyright.
  1. Article/News Layout:
  1. All submitted content should be prepared in MS-Word file only.
  2. Text Alignment should be justified, Text Calibri and Font Size should be 11 or 12.
  3. Spacing in between lines should be 1.5.
  4. Submitted content should include the headlines. Wherever required, paragraphs should be supported by respective headings also.
  5. Wherever you quote or refer any news, information then it needs to right in the proper citation.
  6. If the content is an abstract or summary of your/or anyone’s write up / content, it should be accompanied with original link of the concerned blog, website, webpage etc.
  7. Citations should be prepared in “APA” Style and proper bibliography should be inserted at the end of the article. It can be written as:

Author’s Surname, (initials).(Publication Date of Book/Website[In case of website, it could be date of updation]).Title of the Source.Location of Publisher. Details of Publisher or Publishing Company.URL.

(All references and bibliographies can prepare in MS-Word itself. It can create in “Reference” in the toolbar of the MS-Word).

  1. Image Details :
  1. All image should be anyone of the ‘png’/’jpeg’/’jpg’ formats only.
  2. Depending on the length of the article, no. of the image should not be more than 2 or 3. If photos are captured by someone else, then his/her name should be included as “Photo by—-”.
  1. Word Counts: Every article is restricted to the word count as under:
  1. Reports on the professional status of Children’s Librarianship, Children’s / School Librarians, Teacher-Librarians, School Media Specialists etc.: 200 words
  2. Short articles / papers / essays. Limit :500 words
  3. News on Appointments, Promotions, Superannuation / Retirement, Anniversaries, obituaries etc. :100 words per entry.
  4. Reviews / Highlights of Children’s / School Library Projects and Research Articles.:200 words
  5. Your Requests for guidance, assistance, help, collaboration, etc. : 100 words
  6. Report on your Participation in Seminars / Workshop / Training. : 500 words.
  7. Report on your Travel plans and dates of visits/events. : 100 words
  8. Recognition, Honour, Prizes and Awards. Limit: 200 words
  9. Your Publications (books, articles, papers, and reports) published during the current or last month. :150 words
  10. Letters to Editor. Limit: 150 words
  1. Who can Publish: A person need to be the registered member of the SLA India. If a non-member/s wants to publish their content in the newsletter, then please become a registered member of the SLA India.
  1. Submission Policy:
  2. Submission of the content: All content should be submitted directed to the SLA India Newsletter Editor at WhatsApp messages will not be considered for this purpose. The content should be attached in MS-Word file with the mail. No matter written in mail body will be considered for publishing purpose.
  1. Image Attachment: Submitted content should be accompanied by original photographs as an attachment in the mail. The image should not be pasted in MS-Word with the respective article.
  1. Originality and Authenticity: The content should be original and should be authentic. In case of objection/issue/conflict raised by any other member or from the organisation, only the author/contributor will be responsible and answerable to that. SLA India Executives or the Editors of the Newsletter are neither responsible nor accountable for the contents or the consequences/repercussions. The views and opinions expressed in the Newsletter don’t necessarily reflect the standpoint and opinion of SLA India or editors of the newsletter.
  1. Right to Accept/Reject: The Editorial Board shall have the right to accept or reject news/news items/reports which have been submitted. The editors/s reserve the right to extend/summarise/ highlight the news item submitted.
  1. Copyright: The information published in the newsletter becomes the property of SLA India. The information submitted for publication should not be submitted for publication elsewhere.

SLA India has no provision for payments towards news reports or information submitted.

Reach us:

In case of suggestion/queries and for content-related issues, please contact the editor by email at only.

Ms Charu Dev, Editor, SLAI Scoop

Ms Neena Girish, Coordinator, Publication Team, SLA

Mobile : 8700196569 ; 8826444661