Inviting entries for the next issue of SLA-India Newsletter

SLA India invites articles/write-ups/news/reports for the next issue of the Newsletter [Volume 4 Issue 1-4; January – December 2022].

Suggested Topics :

  • Articles  based on School library management (resources, activities, tools, technologies and services)
  • Case studies based on experiences of School Librarians handling their libraries during or after the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Reopening of school libraries: strategies, measures and precautions.
  • Activities started or initiated by attending various Webinars conducted by SLA-India.
  • School library specific innovations /experiments /projects.
  • Information about achievements/awards or recognition received by the school librarians. 
  • Reviews of relevant and notable books useful for library professionals.
  • Letter to Editor (Feedback and Suggestions based on previous issues of SLA newsletter)

Last Date for submission: 10.01.2023

Any content received after the last date may be preserved and considered for the future newsletter. The Editorial Board reserves the right to accept and reject the content.  All content should  be mailed to the  official email :

SLA India Newsletter-Publication Team


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